Hello there!

I'm Dr. Monifa Seawell

I'm a physician, Board Certified Psychiatrist, wife, and my mother's "spunky & rebellious" middle child (her words). 

I want to teach you how to:

step up your self-care &

start living your best life.

Are you ready to STOP saying "yes" to every task, request or obligation that comes your way and finally get comfortable with saying no ? 


Are you ready to STOP making yourself the last priority on your long to do list ? 


Are you ready to STOP settling for just "ok" and instead create a life that you're excited about ? 


If this sounds like you then you're in the right place!

I can help! 


What I believe

 "No" is a complete sentence. 


Good emotional boundaries are

the foundation for healthy living. 


Sometimes, quitters do win. 

It can be healthier to give up

something that isn't working for you, instead of continuing to hold on to it.


You dishonor yourself when you

try to  become a carbon copy of somebody else.

Bottom line, you are the only you

in this universe. Be yourself!

I eloped on a mountain & it made national news!


I once had a buzzcut that I dyed pink. 

Different is good!








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Are you ready to:

FINALLY get serious about making yourself a priority?

Are you ready to:

learn how to get comfortable with saying "no" & start setting boundaries?


Are you ready to:

step up your self-care?

Join my:


In just a few short weeks I will teach you how to:

make yourself a priority, get comfortable with setting boundaries and saying no, step up your self-care and start living you best life! 


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Dr. Monifa M.D.

Board Certified Psychiatrist

Wellness Expert 


I want to help you step up your self-care & start living your best life!


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