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Difficult Holiday Conversations

A Crash Course & How To Guide: Hosted by Dr. Monifa Seawell, M.D.


Presented by Dr. Monifa Seawell, MD
Physician & Wellness Expert

In this Thanksgiving Eve, 60 minute live course, Dr. Monifa will walk you through the tools, tips and techniques you need in order to navigate that difficult conversation you've been worried about having during the holidays. With well over a decade of experience in the field of psychiatry, Dr. Monifa will be drawing upon her vast knowledge, experience and insight into communication and human behavior. She will even share her own past personal experience with navigating difficult conversations during the holidays, and sharing what has worked well for her.  Dr. Monifa's work has been featured in The Huffington Post, Shape & Health.

As a special bonus

Dr. Monifa is including a 

FREE Thanksgiving morning check-in.

During this FREE 30 minute live check-in, Dr. Monifa will be answering remaining questions course participants may have as they head into the Thanksgiving holiday, & providing additional feedback about how to navigate difficult conversations. 

Registration is limited! 

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In this course Dr. Monifa will cover:

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